Little Known Facts About Hay Spear For Tractor.

Here are some interesting and useful facts about tractors you probably didn’t know. Believe it or not, tractors used to have metal wheels. Metal plates or spikes stuck out of the wheel and caused wheel traction. In the early 30s, tractors with steel wheels were the main source of power on a farm.Moving hay with a hay spear discussion in the Tractor Talk forum at Yesterday’s Tractors.. Is the best end I usually aim dead center of the core just like a bullseye sometimes you have to feather the 3 point a little to get em to go . Tighter bales deffinatley will stab a lot easier.Hay Spear. These Hay Spear s are designed to move hay bales with ease. Best of all, you can add them to one of our tractor packages! big tex tractor has the best Branson Tractor Packages in the industry! Click the button bel.Little Known Facts about Raising Chickens in Your Backyard. Written by Carole Chickens have got to be the easiest, most forgiving, creatures to manage.. I live in Florida I was wondering if chicks need to be in a certain temperature they are in a coop outside with some hay they are about the size of a tennis ball?? Carole Reply:We can build it the way you want it built. Some customers prefer 1 large hay bale spear and 2 smaller hay bale stabilizers,most prefer the 2 large spears so that the bale can be stabbed high, low ,to the right , or to the left of center without having the bale spin over. Most customers use 39" or 48" long spears for the large round balesThe CountyLine Heavy-Duty Super Spear is a 3-point rear attach hay mover for moving and lifting round bales. Category I quick-hitch hookup (Cat. I pins included) Heavy-duty replaceable heat-treated upper spear and 2 lower welded stabilizer bars for extra hold and stability; Features a durable, corrosion-resistant powder coat finishthe 2 short spears are 1-1/4" x 16-1/4", as measured in length. The two short spears have 25" of space from center to center. This three point bale spear will fit both category 1 or 2 hitch pins. We recommend that you use this product with a tractor with a HP of 25 or above. This bale spear is made in China. Specifications. Tapered steel spears.

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